Friday, January 25, 2008

I can...

When the world around you flows gently in the breeze
touching you with kindness, the hearts shadows the
beauty and reflects in the sun's rays the joy of life.

It is true that we have, we will and we can.

Live and love every second of life.

I can

With your embrace both near and far,
I can conquer when loneliness comes to call.
With your smile so warm and bright, I can
challenge the daily fight.
When truth a path through thicket clears
all the answers soon a appear.
When dreams comfront at realities door
it's time for us to re-explore.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Inspire Me!

On The Marble Floor

Heel tapping on the marble floor,
only spirit is mine and yours.
Everyday a little bit more, of love
and laughter from my favorite shore.
Heel tapping and we're hand and hand,
friends dreaming from land to land.
Each night it all comes true, when I
close my eyes and I'm there with you.
Crazy in our own right, some might say
we are an amazing sight.
Dancing on those marble floors, a little
closer and we're through the door.
Arm and arm I'll walk with you,
through any sky, gray or blue.
I wait each morning to awake, to
hear your voice as it removes the
Lips to lips might be a dream but
heart to heart is reality.
Caught between a promise and reality,

one based on dreams and the other on

wind blown debris.


Toying with my heart I can barely see,

a top the mountains and beyond the sea.


Ping, pang goes my heart, you had control

from the very start.


Tracing trouble from you to me had me

falling on my knees.


Begging you to never disappear, I don't know

what I'd do if you were never here.