Sunday, May 25, 2008

Leaving at midnight

Preparing for the memorial day event, I think I am over anxious. As I pack I keep saying just one more, one more poem, one more skincare product, just one more. This event is a little further than any I have traveled previously for one day that is. Gas prices soaring inflates the overhead in a small business. I remind myself that there is always something special about each event that is not connected to the monetary value, but as rewarding as those momemts are they don't pay the bills, so simply that my overhead is higher, I wonder if the economy will alter the outcome of sales.
I'm wrapping things up about now, labeling my last few bottles of lotion and telling myself no more that what I have will be enough. Redding up and trying to organize, I gazed out the diningroom window at the sunshine. The weather is beautiful and for travel I know that I am already blessed.
I can't seem to stop my mind from wondering where your at, what your doing and if your day is going well.Wanting to feel your arms around me and rest. Funny thing is I am up early every morning and this morning when I needed to be up, I just seem to not be able to move, five more minutes I kept saying to myself.
I went to feed the ducks, and found one of the female ducks is injured,seems she broke a leg and can't get to the feed so I took feed down to her. I always hate when something like that happens she is now even more vulnerable to predators.
I am getting ready to formatt some poetry and I just needed this time to connect to you and relax a few, bring my body and mind into some kind of balance. Though I feel like yes and no that I am calming down a bit and not.
If there is away to allow you to feel my love today, then may the heavens reach out and embrace you with my love. May the sun remind your heart of the warmth we share and the skies of blue drape your day with happiness and well

Friday, May 23, 2008