Monday, September 24, 2007

Saturday the 29 th of Sept 2007

We will be attending the ladies club arts and craft event at trafford heights, Harisson City Pennsylvania...10 till 4 . Map quest pennsylvania route 130 east of pittsburgh. On display will be a variety of gifts for your gift giving. I will be signing books and have on display poetry, pictures and the Autumn skincare line organic herbal skincare created to bring you the finest in an organic regimen. Get an early jump on products for you and your family created by the finest craftsmen in the U.S.A. Questions call 724- 744-3196.

There's a Kind of Hush

There is a kind of hush.....


I Am So Into You

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


If I the cause of a fallen tear, a lash to the heart,
a scar to the soul, then I shall join and weep shall
we of the darkness cast and stale windless sea.

Gloom filled stagnant pool of fear created the
waters to drown us here. Cold and rough
separates the land and yet I still can feel
your hand.

Grasping mercifully this my plea, to lift me
from my fallen knee. A chill that weakens
from inside, forces me to run and hide.

Hard like crystal and yet reflects the light
of love, the warmth of souls, the mystery
that still unfolds.

Lay your head upon my breast, gentle soft
with out life's test. Unlock the gates of
despair and let the sadness free from here.

Together we shall take flight, like an eagle
who rules the blue sky. Above the winds
and many clouds,beyond the barriers of
the mind.

One to one this bond was born and nothing
can break what God has formed. Love and caring,
warm and true, a friendship of many a hue.

Monday, September 17, 2007

In Old New York (The Very Thought of You)

The very thought of you and I begin to forget to do those little ordinary things that every ought to do. I'm living in a kind of day dream, i'm happy as a queen....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sam Cook

Darling you send me, Darling you thrill me, honest ya do... at first I thought it was infatuation and its lasted so I find myself..

The Hollow

The hollow staged with a rain filled mist surrounds me with the eeriness of the season. The silence tightening its grip on my soul,as I struggle to envision your force of energy embracing with a warmth that exudes from the deepest part of my being. Overflowing with emotion as I quiver from the surrealistic images that appears in the murky shadows of the gloomy fog. Torn between the tears of yesterday and the dreams of tommorrow, I
teeter on an unbalanced appetite that craves to feel your arms hold gentle my body. Questoning my own reaction to a moment in time, I stopped to gaze inward at the love that supersedes the flesh. The reflection in the flames of desire mirrors our souls in a bond riveted with life.