Monday, May 24, 2010

DAVID SYLVIAN - Somewhere (West Side Story)

Dedicated to you my friend for joining me in that special place.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Garisson days in June

We will be at the Garrison days in June event, Mammoth Park event and I am slow on working on a list, any volunteers for secretary. lol I am excited to bring you some quality products that you have become accustom to having as well as the creation of some new all natural products that are wonderful for those who suffer the aches and pains of arthritis. We welcome you to stop by in June and sample some of our fine products or if you are in need of a sample you can request at and we will get a small sample out to you of our fine products. and products that make a difference in your life.

Simply because we have not experienced,
does not give us proof of existence or not.
Each step away from love ,
is a step closer to hell.


Love is not a concept of is merely
the seeds which are spewed from the soul.

Our responsibility begins with self and

overflows as an extension of love.

Allowing peace into your heart allows you to understand
that the power of change is not a
gift from another,
but the alteration of our own actions
the responsibility we take.
There are those who believe they are at the mercy of the powerful,and yet no one has more power than another person on earth, for power is just a concept of thought, given by those who believe they have none.
A weak thread breaks under pressure,
therefore we should tighten the weave with stronger threads.

Attaining knowledge means very little unless you share it.