Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank You

2009 can you believe we finished another year of events. I 'd like to take this time to thank a special friend. I don't think I'd be here with out him and I mean that in the literal sense. As he would say "I am behind you when you need a push, in front of you when you need a pull and beside you . " 'd like to thank Anne and Pat Poleto for not only believing in me, guiding me, and God knows when i was ready to give up and give in being here for me, in every sense of the word here.
I think about the characters and the why of it all. Easy to keep the door closed, not to look through or walk through, but life is about taking a chance and believing in oneself. I really don't how to show my appreciation other than giving them a platform in which everyone will know how important they have been.

Thank You for helping me to see the bigger picture.