Wednesday, November 19, 2008

...and love spoke.

I have walked this path before, climbed the mountains, swam the sea and felt your love infused in me. When soft and gentlewinds blow, it tickles the heart and kisses the soul, and embraces with out much of a hold. Unleash the restraints of this earthly ground and free my soul to soar beyond the clouds. I have walked this path before, climbed the mountains, swam the sea and felt your love infused in me. For when the end is certainly near, I'll know that someone truly cared.

To live,
and be,
to embrace for all eternity.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Hillcrest Christian Academy

Craft show Hillcrest Christian Academy will hold its Fifth Annual Joy of Christmas Craft Show from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 1 at South Hills Assembly in Bethel Park. The show will include over 50 crafters, ticket auction, bake sale and café. Free admission. Proceeds benefit Hillcrest Christian Academy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mason Dixon Park

Wow! It's that time of year and we look forword to another exciting festival, great food, music and arts and crafts and vendors. Make sure you stop by and look for great skincare products from

Crafter Dan - Bone Carving & Powder Horns
Ken Fike's Toys and Treasures - Wooden Toys for All Ages
Linda Jones- Native American Crafts
Greene Arc, Inc. -Jeff Bell -Bracelets, Purses, Gourmet Fudge, Wood Products
Native Fire- Dreamcatchers, Native Styled Art, Fine Art Paintings
Autumn's Boutique - Skin Care Lotions & More
Robin Swiger Knives
Neal Eakins' Whirlygigs
Lippencott Alpacas - Natural Alpaca Fiber Goods
Moose Antler Forge- Blacksmith Ironwares
Wyndd Drummer - Native American items, flags, kids things
Rockforge Arts - Primitive & Native styled crafts, Fine Arts, Festival T-Shirts
Rick Rhodes- Chainsaw Carvings
Mason-Dixon Woodworks- Handmade Family Heirloom Furniture & Home Decor
And many more items and vendors!

Sept 23rd and 24.
Festival Vendor's Menu

Mason-Dixon Park Volunteers
Soup Beans & Cornbread, Hotdogs, Maccaroni and Potato Salad

Uncle Jim's Donuts
Donuts, Coffee and Snow Cones

Taylortown United Methodist Church
Homemade Noodles, Cream Chicken Sandwiches, BBQ Ham Sandwiches

April Adams
Funnel Cakes, Jams & Jellies

Diane Bonnell
Mountain Man Breakfast -Fried Potatoes, Eggs , Biscuits & Gravy,
Trapper's & Hunter's Lunch -Buffalo Burgers

Michelle & Martha's Baked Goods
Homemade Pies, Salt Risn' Bread, Yeast Bread, & Cookies

SATURDAY9 am- Crafters & Vendors Begin Opening- Primitive Encampment Opens 10 am- Gates Open to the Public 10 am- Live Music Begins on the Cabin Stage 12 noon Civil War Reenactment begins in the Main Field 12 noon Free Pony Rides for Kids in Honor of Preston Butt 12:30 Lippencott Alpacas in Front of the Main Tent
Pre 1840's Rendezvoues Encampment
Civil War Encampment
ABC Animal Removal Trappers Display
Moose Antler Forge Blacksmith Display
Don Pyle's Antique Car Show
Chainsaw Carving
Ham Radio Operation
Antique Engine & Tractor Display

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mylan Park West Virginia

I am far from ready for the busy season that is quickly approaching. Focused and not, as I try to prepare. Up at 4 am I found the weather perfect around 70 with very little humidity, and quite as everyone was sleeping. I managed to get some labeling finished and place in jars some home grown herbal scrubs.
I was hoping to work on a few paintings and my writing, but there just never seems to be enough time in a day, so something has to give. Either way I am ready for a fun season and hope again to meet up with some old friends and new.
We have added new products to our line, invested in the wonders of Emu oil and have created even more products with homegrown herbs, pesticide and herbicide free.
Where at Mylan Park in West Virginia Saturday for the great Rib Fest and looks to be wonderful weather.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It might just be that I allowed fear to flow
from where only love had existed.
A physical bond on earth's limited time, can't compare to the embrace beyond body and mind. A spiritual crossing in the sky of blue, where I'll be waiting each night to hold on to you.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Autumns boutique and Rachel Charlotte Miller, skin care that makes a difference and poetry that excites the soul.

European Clays and the best of our 4 in 1 facial and body scrubs, exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize and protect, no one does it better than for the top of the line organic and herbal skin care products.
Unique Limited Edition Poems

Hand Crafted Soaps

Something for everyone

Hometown Spirit!

Just setting up... but looks to be a good day.

Folks in Waynesburg who stopped

by to say hello. 10 am to 1pm

June 2008 Waynesburg Pennsylvania

We are already into the middle of June, hard to believe that we have been over the road for months. There have been so many good memories and wonderful made... clicks heels together no place like home, so we have added the farmer's market in waynesburg to our list of fun places to stop and meet up with people.
We are working on the most complete and update line of skincare products that you can find, made with quality ingredients and speciality herbs that help to sooth, relax and create a warm and wonderful atmosphere with our aromatherapy products.
I am also working on prose and poetry that is both uplifting and warm to the heart. I thank all who have stopped by to share converstation and stories and enjoy the poetry and of course a special thank you to all those who purchase and continue to follow and enjoy a bit of my heart.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Leaving at midnight

Preparing for the memorial day event, I think I am over anxious. As I pack I keep saying just one more, one more poem, one more skincare product, just one more. This event is a little further than any I have traveled previously for one day that is. Gas prices soaring inflates the overhead in a small business. I remind myself that there is always something special about each event that is not connected to the monetary value, but as rewarding as those momemts are they don't pay the bills, so simply that my overhead is higher, I wonder if the economy will alter the outcome of sales.
I'm wrapping things up about now, labeling my last few bottles of lotion and telling myself no more that what I have will be enough. Redding up and trying to organize, I gazed out the diningroom window at the sunshine. The weather is beautiful and for travel I know that I am already blessed.
I can't seem to stop my mind from wondering where your at, what your doing and if your day is going well.Wanting to feel your arms around me and rest. Funny thing is I am up early every morning and this morning when I needed to be up, I just seem to not be able to move, five more minutes I kept saying to myself.
I went to feed the ducks, and found one of the female ducks is injured,seems she broke a leg and can't get to the feed so I took feed down to her. I always hate when something like that happens she is now even more vulnerable to predators.
I am getting ready to formatt some poetry and I just needed this time to connect to you and relax a few, bring my body and mind into some kind of balance. Though I feel like yes and no that I am calming down a bit and not.
If there is away to allow you to feel my love today, then may the heavens reach out and embrace you with my love. May the sun remind your heart of the warmth we share and the skies of blue drape your day with happiness and well

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Arts all Night Event

One of the most well organized events I have attended. It was a pleasure to attend and view all the artist from the area. Looking forward to next year. Amazing that I drove into Pittsburgh and back, I must say it was a bit scary and didn't kill anyone on the road that's a plus.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ramp festival and cheswicks spring fling

Mason Dixon of Greene County for a wonderful piece of heaven... come on out
We will be at 2 events on the 19 th I personally will be in Cheswick at the Springs fling Arts and crafts... Sponsored by the East Union Presbyterians. for more info Contact 412 767- 5750
We will also be in Greene County Pennsylvania for our local Ramp Festival for those looking to get a book signed I will be attend the festival on the 20 th but do stop by on the 1 9 for great music and wonderful products from our full line of skin care to wonderful poetry... exclusively written for you.
Gates will be open each day from 10 am to 5 pm
Live Music - Antique Engine Display - Full Spring Tonic MenuRamp Wine and Ramp Cheese TastingDoor Prizes - your favorite poet and her wonderful skin care line.... hope to see you there.
If by chance you can't make the event, be sure to look online, kimblake available at, and come to you at fine stores everywhere.

Tell me that you love me

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

June 7 th 2008 On the Mon.History and Arts

June 7 th 2008 On the Mon.
Celebration of monongahela valley history and arts. The event draws people from all over the united states, rain or shine a great event. We will have on display poetry, gift items and our very own skincare line grown and manufactured right here in the hills of Pennsylvania. We look forward to seeing as many as possible. If you can't make it look up our sites for unique gift items and for lingerie and our signature series of organic and herbal skincare products. 10am - 4pm Chess Park & City Streets Car Cruise at Aquatorium - 3pm - 6pmFMI: 724-258-5919 Arts and Crafts 10 am - 4pm Fleatique on the Monongahela. One of the large street events we have done, miles of festivies food and fun.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Partner in life, Partner in love...

I saw it in the mountains and down by the stream,
the images of love reflecting what you mean to me.
Spring time snow couldn't put out the fire, the
warmth of your flames blazes through the hour.
No truer love could there ever be, as your
embrace is felt so tenderly.
Reality of dreams is cast by the heart, to dance
to songs of love amongst the midnight stars.
Welcome home... my heart was open and my soul was waiting.
I need not question, nor not believe,
for it was known that kindred spirits
met when you reached out to me.
I want to hold you tonight and
listen to the beat of your heart,
as your spirit rest peacefully,
in my embrace.
Angels of heaven hear my plea,
my heart and soul dance restlessly.
Guide his hands to gently trace ,
the love of life within him placed.
Allow his lips to feel my kiss and
taste the sweetness of honey bliss.
As his eyes begin to close, whisper
softly I love him so.
Darkness drape the night and turn
on the brightness of the stars of high.
My arms opened, my spirit free,
awaits his love for eternity.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

We don't always know what is good for us, but we do know what feels good.

There are many kinds of expression love and even lust. I have compared it to the candy stores of the past, you know what you want behind that glass case but you know what you can buy. Sometimes I am flustered by my own emotions, not that they control but that they pull at these strings deep inside. I have had a chance to experience many emotions in this current chapter of my life, so much so that I have been a spirit of all ages and with out the minds clarity I allowed my heart to lead me. It is the missing pieces of life that are found and laid in place. At sixteen your heart is open and your learning but your leery and you step without thinking. I remember my first kiss it was a one time date and he walked me to the door, I think he was as nervous as I was he pulled me close still holding my hand and he gave me this really quick kiss. We went to different schools and I never had a second date with him, as someone else was stepping quickly into my life. The next date the kiss was deadly filled with passion, I remember being without thought, this is just to good and I remembering thinking no, no.... yesssss.
There was a country song that came out at the time " I never promised you a rose garden" but ouch I didn't expect all those thorns without the rose. So much for stepping back as I move forward I feel my heart expanded from the love that I have been given. Magical and wonderful and yet there so much I want to do and experience and I ask that the Lord guide me. One look at the dreadful news on the front page and I am more aware of why I write about love and romance. This is what I have been given the gift to do, to give a platform to love, to share and allow it to grow and circle the world with what I feel each morning in my heart. There is such beauty and such power in love that it has the ability to overcome all obstacles. In a humorous way we joke about the calender men and the truth is that those who cross our path bring with them lessons and a magic all of their own. Without the experience we would be empty inside, a vessel without a message. The words are a small representation of how important the various stages of life have been...
It’s what you do to me baby; every time I’m near you I go crazy.
Your hands on my picture did the tracing; my mind did all the racing.

It’s what you do to me baby; every time I’m near you I go crazy.
Sweet tender touch could be felt, as you gently caused my heart to melt.

It’s what you do to me baby; every time I’m near you I go crazy.
My body quivers, at the thought of what your soul delivers.

It’s what you do to me baby, every time I’m near you I go crazy.
The images are forever, the song of love keeps getting better.

It’s what you do to me baby, every time I’m near you I go crazy.
You changed my life like a play, directed and choreographed all the way.

It’s what you do to me baby, every time I’m near you I go crazy.
The charming way you tease me, I some how find so pleasing.

It’s what you dot to me baby, every time I’m near I go crazy…..


Friday, February 29, 2008

It is Again think Spring time

April 19 I'll be at the Think Spring Arts and Crafts event at East Union Church in Cheswick. Attending by special invite I look forward to meeting up with old acquaintances and the making of new ones. This is not be mass produced products shipping into the states. You will find unique and one of kind items created for wonderful gift giving ideas.
The event is from 10 to 3 and looks to be a pleasant day... hope to see as many attend as possible. 724- 265-1481 for directions and more information..

Listing events in no particular order

May 26th 2008

Here we are in the middle of winter dreaming of spring. Everything is completely covered in the hollow with a white blanket of snow and flurries are in the air. Temperatures are brrrr cold. Positive thinking as racing to the month of May. On May 26 th it is confirmed that i'll be at the Historic Boalsburg pennsylvania memorial day celebration. Event is from 9 to 5 and we are hoping for a sun shining day but will be there rain or shine... prefers shine. lol
If you have not ever been to pennsylvania you will find the state college area to be one of the most beautiful. Breath taking hills and the beauty of spring in full session. There are many things to enjoy in the area , rich in culture, mountains resorts, musuems filled with rich historical charm of pa area. Gift shops and of course special events like the one I will be attending.

For more information Check out the site at.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Love How You Love Me- Bobby Vinton

but darling most of all ... I love how you love me.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I can...

When the world around you flows gently in the breeze
touching you with kindness, the hearts shadows the
beauty and reflects in the sun's rays the joy of life.

It is true that we have, we will and we can.

Live and love every second of life.

I can

With your embrace both near and far,
I can conquer when loneliness comes to call.
With your smile so warm and bright, I can
challenge the daily fight.
When truth a path through thicket clears
all the answers soon a appear.
When dreams comfront at realities door
it's time for us to re-explore.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Inspire Me!

On The Marble Floor

Heel tapping on the marble floor,
only spirit is mine and yours.
Everyday a little bit more, of love
and laughter from my favorite shore.
Heel tapping and we're hand and hand,
friends dreaming from land to land.
Each night it all comes true, when I
close my eyes and I'm there with you.
Crazy in our own right, some might say
we are an amazing sight.
Dancing on those marble floors, a little
closer and we're through the door.
Arm and arm I'll walk with you,
through any sky, gray or blue.
I wait each morning to awake, to
hear your voice as it removes the
Lips to lips might be a dream but
heart to heart is reality.
Caught between a promise and reality,

one based on dreams and the other on

wind blown debris.


Toying with my heart I can barely see,

a top the mountains and beyond the sea.


Ping, pang goes my heart, you had control

from the very start.


Tracing trouble from you to me had me

falling on my knees.


Begging you to never disappear, I don't know

what I'd do if you were never here.