Monday, December 31, 2007

Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You

Closes eyes and holds close all the memories all the moments we shared and all the dreams that still await us in the future. I cannot tell you how beautiful life is when your here and magical and wonderful... it's because of you are.. and who I am when I am with you.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Elvis Presley - I Believe

The Hawk

Skies of gray without a hint of the rays of sunlight and the stillness of the trees lacked the vitality and color of the the previous season. No harsh winds or snow visit as the unseasonal weather tempted me to stay a little longer outdoors. On my routine visit to feed the chickens, I caught sight of a hawk perched high up in the tree. I stood there in amazement staring as he spread his wings wide preparing for flight. The natural balance of nature and a close up view of the biological food chain. All of us are dependent upon another person or another thing for our very survival, at least in a healthy social setting. This was different, the hawk gliding through the trees as if to command the air around him, beautiful and free. Fearing one of his few threats, man.
The Hawk

The hawk perched awaiting its prey allowed me relatively close as it did not appear afraid. You have to appreciate its stance in the chain, as it only kills what it needs to sustain. It doesn't fight for money, religion or for land , there's allot to be taught to the angered man. Nature natural selection is survival of the strong, as a people I believe we are doing something wrong.

Rachel Charlotte Miller c 2005

Friday, December 28, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

The holiday season brings with it reminders of the Christmas's of past. Those warm memories that you want to freeze to hold forever, it is what makes saying goodbye so difficult, I much more prefer hello! But there are those who have entered my life and left in one way or another to only leave behind an emptiness in my heart. Eager to hold close only warm thoughts and chase away the sadness that cast shadows dark and dreary over the day. Then I quickly jumped today and what the future brings. My father never said goodbye he always said "I'll be seeing ya." We struggle with a lot but I guess nothing is worse then and ending, I prefer to look at each, day, month and year as a chapter of a wide range of experiences.
The holiday table will be set with the same fine china, crystal and foods, but many less plates will be needed as time moves on. My 3rd born said its the societies demands upon us that set expectations that are not necessarily capable of being filled.

I cried, I laughed, I reached out to touch you
and hold close the memories....Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

December 9th Allison Park

The Next scheduled event is in Allison Park, looks to be an exciting show.
Depreciation Lands Museum
"Where History is Real Life"
Settlers' Christmas & Colonial Market
Sun, Dec 9, 1-5pm

Settlers' Christmas and Colonial Market
Sunday, Dec 9 from 1-5pm.
Visit the Colonial Market in the Main Building to purchase outstanding gifts such as silver jewelry, pottery, treenware, ironwork, wooden toys and gifts, all made by skilled period craftsmen (cash or check accepted). Then continue on through the Museum to experience the sights and sounds of the Settlers' Christmas. You will find costumed demonstrators in every building, as well as a Punch and Judy show and live period Christmas music. We hope to see you! Regular Museum admission of $3/$1 will be charged.
E-mail or call the Museum at 412-486-0563 for more information about any of these events.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ballet The Nutcracker; Snowflakes

Holds your hand, taps on your heart, dances with your soul... forever love

christmas songs - amy grant - winter wonderland Lyrics

The messes up the with the birds my northern blue bird stays all winter...... and do I love him.

Monday, November 5, 2007

brrr cold

It has been a busy morning, it almost feels like the heart of winter and I have been keeping on the move to keep warm. I moved some of my favorite plants in from the greenhouse and I sit typing surrounded by lush green that reminds me of the struggle that awaits as we push the season looking forward to another spring. Upbeat as I feel there is aura of good intentions surrounding me, as if I can and will win the battles that stand to confront me each day. On a positive note I feel some what in control of today, for tomorrow indeed haunts at the gate of trickery.
The fesitvals have been colorful with a cast of many characters. Everyone of us is given a test to see how well we overcome the surging battles. It is our strength and desire to hold on to this exterior shell that spans the outreach with the mind. The infusion of positive vibes from everyone you contact brings a certain amount of energy that builds into a strength that can overcome anything. Simply put we are born to die, at some moment we will reach our destination and meet with our maker. The importance is in the travels and how well we packed for the journey.
Our desires sometimes weight heavy upon the path of what is and only upon acceptance of reality can we define our own existence. I have felt and uplifting of the darkness that occassionally weighs down the day. In many instances I felt the bonding of our souls stengthen my ability as I felt your energy inspire the various strands of hope. I can see over the mountains, I have crossed the waters cold and rough and we have surfaced to tackle once more all that is and all that will be. For I am happy to have reached out and felt your hand reaching back more then once.

For those of you who can't attend one of the events listed this month please feel free to show online at and for all your gift giving needs.
Shop early for guaranteed delivery and best selection.

Norwin and Temple of David the 17 th and 18 th of Nov.

I promised to have this posted a little slow.. but here we are.. on the 17th of November we will be at Norwin Heights, 14th Annual Christmas and Craft show... Time
10: am to 3pm for directions and more information contact Karen Hassan Dolan 724 -861- 8103
This is not a commercialized vendor show .. so you will find the finest of arts and crafts..
Norwin is located at 251 McMahon Drive in Norht Huntingdon Pennsylvania... 26 miles east of pittsburgh.... directly off our route 30...

The 18th of November you will find me at Sisterhoold of Temple David for a shopping Extravaganza.. time 9 am till 2 pm where 4115 Northern Pike Moneroeville Pa 15146
If additional information is needed contact number is 724-29698059

Support your local Artist and Crafters American made at chinese wages.. the finest of detail and love is put into all of our work.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

After Oz - Vancouver Film School (VFS)

October 20th and 21st Pittsburghs Shriners

I have done it again and I have over booked, we will at 2 locations on the 2oth of October. Though the books and skin care line will be available at the Pittsburgh Shriner's off of Route 28, I will not be there to personally meet everyone. But as it's been in the past it looks to be a great event with a huge turn out and many vendors with great products. We have not slighted our product line and are offering many choices from greeting cards to matted poetry and organic herbal skincare products that enhance the body and soul.

I will be at the Greene County museum in Pennsylvania October 2oth and 21st. Creating fine products on location and educating you as you become a better consumer for your personal skincare line.
Writing is my life line and through I have been able to reach out and feel the touch back of love and life in the living. I will be happy to personally sign copies of my book Dear kimblake, a journey of awareness. Dear Kimblake, It's not always black and white sometimes we have to add a little color.
Frazzled I am looking forward to the weekend and I am heartened by by the those who have continued to encourage and travel the cobbled path that finds us occassionally detouring.

Important times and dates.

Pittsburgh Shriners off route 28 Syria Moss November 20th 9 to 4 auctions, arts, food and fun .

Greene county Pennsylvania Museum off of route 21 right outside of waynesburg follow signs.
10 till 5 saturday and sunday... with natures blessing we are looking forward to a beautiful weekend. I am honored to be attending my 3rd Harvest festival on the 20th and 21st.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

love you

I wanted to announce the Pow Wow October 6th and 7th. My mind all a scatter 10 till sunset...
I am looking forward to beautiful weather. The Native American Pow Wow is holding it's tenth annual at Cedar Creek park in Pennsylvania. A wonderful display a rich heritage, dance, food and crafts. The earthy experience will keep you focused and free and one with your surroundings. Bring the family out and enjoy a wonderful weekend.

Rarily at a loss for words, I look at my connection to the world and those who have found a place in my heart. I am the luckiest woman in all the world for the grass is green under your own feet. As I work on past poetry and more current, I see my life and the emotions that have rollercoastered over the last few years. Sad is a place that doesn't see the beauty that surrounds us.

In my heart you placed a seed,
a vine began to grow and as it
entwined through my heart and
soul a bloom began to show

What I feel and what others see is love for love is so powerful it closes the gap in distance and dances in the heart to the music the soul plays. I love you, not for what you do, but for who you are and how you have grown to be a part of me.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Saturday the 29 th of Sept 2007

We will be attending the ladies club arts and craft event at trafford heights, Harisson City Pennsylvania...10 till 4 . Map quest pennsylvania route 130 east of pittsburgh. On display will be a variety of gifts for your gift giving. I will be signing books and have on display poetry, pictures and the Autumn skincare line organic herbal skincare created to bring you the finest in an organic regimen. Get an early jump on products for you and your family created by the finest craftsmen in the U.S.A. Questions call 724- 744-3196.

There's a Kind of Hush

There is a kind of hush.....


I Am So Into You

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


If I the cause of a fallen tear, a lash to the heart,
a scar to the soul, then I shall join and weep shall
we of the darkness cast and stale windless sea.

Gloom filled stagnant pool of fear created the
waters to drown us here. Cold and rough
separates the land and yet I still can feel
your hand.

Grasping mercifully this my plea, to lift me
from my fallen knee. A chill that weakens
from inside, forces me to run and hide.

Hard like crystal and yet reflects the light
of love, the warmth of souls, the mystery
that still unfolds.

Lay your head upon my breast, gentle soft
with out life's test. Unlock the gates of
despair and let the sadness free from here.

Together we shall take flight, like an eagle
who rules the blue sky. Above the winds
and many clouds,beyond the barriers of
the mind.

One to one this bond was born and nothing
can break what God has formed. Love and caring,
warm and true, a friendship of many a hue.

Monday, September 17, 2007

In Old New York (The Very Thought of You)

The very thought of you and I begin to forget to do those little ordinary things that every ought to do. I'm living in a kind of day dream, i'm happy as a queen....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sam Cook

Darling you send me, Darling you thrill me, honest ya do... at first I thought it was infatuation and its lasted so I find myself..

The Hollow

The hollow staged with a rain filled mist surrounds me with the eeriness of the season. The silence tightening its grip on my soul,as I struggle to envision your force of energy embracing with a warmth that exudes from the deepest part of my being. Overflowing with emotion as I quiver from the surrealistic images that appears in the murky shadows of the gloomy fog. Torn between the tears of yesterday and the dreams of tommorrow, I
teeter on an unbalanced appetite that craves to feel your arms hold gentle my body. Questoning my own reaction to a moment in time, I stopped to gaze inward at the love that supersedes the flesh. The reflection in the flames of desire mirrors our souls in a bond riveted with life.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Arts In the Park September 22nd and 23rd

" Arts in the park" a two-day festival . This festival is a joint effort of the Aleppo grange #2054 and the community and is held at Ryerson state park, wind ridge greene county pennsylvania.
Festival hours are Saturday the 22nd from 10 am to 6 pm Sunday from 10 am till 5pm Entertainment for the whole family.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mason Dixon Park Event

There are many more events scheduled and will be listed throughout each week as I work to update.It is a very busy time and I will try to respond to as many people as possible. If I hadn't emailed you or chanced to catch you on the phone it's not that I forgot but that I am working on it and it occasionally takes me a while to personally respond, but feel free to email me your opinions on the festivals and know that I enjoyed meeting all of you and hope to see you again at upcoming events.
Thank you for a enlightening weekend at the Mason Dixon Park, where you find their little bit of heaven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I would like to personality thank Connie for her wonderful hospitality, her determination, hard work and love for what she does .Her dedication reflects beautifully through out the park, and it is harmony at its best.
Rachel Charlotte miller

Universal Life healing Center September 15th

Universal Life Healing Center 405 sixth street Irwin, Pa 15642 for more Information call 724 864-8814 .
Come on out for a unique day in getting in touch with your inner self. I will have a wonderful display of poetry and prose as well as the book
Dear Kimblake, It's not always black and white sometimes we have to add a little color. An inspirational look at life through love and friendship.
I'll also have a wide range of oils that will compliment your aromatherapy and medicincal regimen.
Time from 9 am to 3 pm. Right in the art of Irwin
Scheduled events include, readings by local mediums, bake goods , door prizes, add this event to your annual outings and come out for a unique experience.

West Newton Community Festival Sept 7th , 8 th and 9 th

A step back in time is this community event, fun for the whole family , good food, Made in the U.S.A arts and crafts and music and talent for all
walks of life. If you haven't come out to enjoy the season now is the time.
West Newton Pennsylvania for that old home town feeling.
September 7 th , 8th and 9th
hours as followed 4 to 11pm friday and 10 to 11 saturday and sunday.
Of course I'll be there with a great new display of poetry , prose and signing books.
They guarantee the best ribs on this side of the monghalea river and I guarantee that there will be someting for everyone.

Labor United Celebration September 2nd and 3rd

Wow! The summer season is coming to an end, but we are still excited at the prospect of Autumn. With it comes a wide range of events and I will try to list as I organize.
Labor day I will be at Northmoreland Park in Westmoreland Pennsylvania. Come out and enjoy in the Labor United Celebration. A wide range of events will be held from great music, to childrens activities, rides and of course the arts and crafts festival. Always a huge turn out so come early and spend the day or spend the weekend enjoying the scenic hills of Pennsylvania.
Event hours are from 11:00 am to 7 :pm sunday and labor day monday
For Directions and events schedules check out the site,

Sunday, August 19, 2007

La la la Away

I am just sitting listen to music, feeling a bit melancholy. I am not quite sure if it's because I believe or because I doubt. There were many people who shared bits of their life saturday and I found that there is always two ways if not more to view life. Are we stronger because we can, or weaker because we don't ? I envisioned the old adage" the grass is always greener." I felt needy as I wanted to feel your arms around me and just remain peaceful and quite for a moment.. It seems to be one of those weeks where I wanted to run and never look back ,to wanting to stand tall and accept all challenges. Mixed emotions toying with me. I feel like if the tears could fall they would blend with the fallen rain on deaf ears.
Sing a song, sing of joy, sing of love for which you toyed,
took my heart and kept it there and empty I remain.

The sound of the rain as it pours on down, cleansing the soil and renewing the ground. Somethings are true , they are nothing with out you, a dance without out love would be so awfully blue.
You can da da da today and I promise to la la la away. Singing and dancing the day through what I wouldn't do to be there with you.

You can da da da alnight and I will promise to la la la till your in sight. Singing and dancing the night through what I wouldn't do to be there with you.

You can da da da right now and I promise to la la la awhile. Singing and dancing on the clouds above, I"m gonna dance with you my love.

You can da dada in your sleep and I'll la la la in my dreams. Singing and
dancing creating fun, I'd do it just to feel you hug.

You can da da da and I'll la la la day and night and all through the year I am sure that I feel you here.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mountaineer 14th Annual Wings Cookoff

This looks to be a great family fun day, with a large turn.


Monday, August 13, 2007

nothing is gonna change my love for you

I laugh when I think of the Lucy era... as they say laughter is the best medicine. Then surely I am the luckiest person in all of the world to have such a wonderful friend who brings such joy into my life. Because I love....

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

25th Annual Mason-Dixon Frontier Festival

The 25 th Annual Mason-Dixon Frontier Festival will be held on August 25 th and 26 th from 10 am till 6pm.
Saturday at 1 pm Civil War re-enactment to be followed by leg amputation of wounded soldier by Noel Clemmer.
Music for Saturday includes 10 am Matt Sherman, 2 pm Lifes Railway, 3 pm Roger Cutright, 4 pm Wild Fire, 5 pm Valerie Campbell, Sunday 9:30 am non-denominational worship service, 10 am Matt Sherman and friends, noon Country Pride, 1 pm Roger Cutright, 2 pm till 4pm 501, 5pm Granny Blosser. Call Rich Lash to participate in music 304-798-3596. Step back in time at the pre 1840 Living History encampment and Civil war encampments. Trapping display by Mike Gray, owner of ABC Humane Animal Removal, Greene County Ham Radio Association, Antique engine and antique tractor parade on grounds call Harold Campbell 724-878-5682 or Dave Chisler 304-879-5881. Lots of crafter's and food vendors Silver Anniversary Edition powder horn made by Earl Wayne Lemley and special knife made by Harold Haines will be raffled Sunday at 5 pm. Raffle tickets may be purchased on grounds at the festival or contact Janet Lemley 304-879-5372. Food vendors will offer soupbeans and cornbread, creamed chicken sandwiches, homemade noodles, ham BBQ, root beer floats, Fresh donuts and snow cones, sausage gravy and biscuit, salt raisin' bread, homemade pies, cookies and cakes, Belgium waffles, Philly cheese steak sandwiches, nachos & cheese, funnel cakes, pulled BBQ pork sandwichs and platters, hotdogs with sauerkraut, chili, coleslaw. Craft vendors Wood workers, basket makers, organic herbal skincare products, candles hand carved powderhorns, painted feathers, war clubs, turquoise, sterling and beaded necklaces, primitive and contemporary Native American styled arts, knives and belt buckles, candles, fuzzy flip flops, tree truck furniture, pop can airplanes, all natural jellies, whiskey jams, complete line of PA Dutch relishes and pickles, Rebel Yell BBQ sauce. Raffles, 50/50 drawings and free door prizes donated by our food vendors and crafters. Take 1-79 exit 1 Mt. Morris, PA to Buckeye road to Creek Road 1/2 mile to Mason-Dixon Historical Park, Inc. Free weekend camping. for more info 304-879-5500 or 724-428-3729 or or visit our web site at

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Johnny Horton - Whispering Pines

Folk music is the ultimate in prose and poetry.The simplicty of the world around us. Memories and memories in the making.
If I stopped to think, the tears would float me down stream.

Petula Clark -

Al Green - How can you mend a broken heart

Does it mend?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kiss Me

Understudy........ want to practice.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday, July 15, 2007


The answers need not be more complicated then the questions,
for all truth resides within.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Careless whisper Kenny G Brian Mc Knight

I have danced upon the floor of earth, and stepped on the clouds with desire and nothing comments two hearts more then the dance of love that twines the spirit to the heart and creates a passionate display. Together we make dreams come true.


Is love that common that we can relate with a few simple words or is that magnificent that it can been seen in everything including a few simple words?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I Believe


I believe for every drop of rain that falls,
A flower grows.
I believe that somewhere in the darkest night,
A candle glows.
I believe for every one who goes astray,
Someone will come to show to the way.
I believe, I believe.

I believe above a storm the smallest prayer
Will still be heard.
I believe that someone in the great somewhere
Hears every word.

Every time I hear a new-born baby cry,
Or touch a leaf, or see the sky,
Then I know why I believe.

Evertime I hear a new-born baby cry,
Or touch a leaf, or see the sky,
Then I know why I believe.

The Vogues - Turn Around, Look At Me

Pushing, pulling and beside you..... I love you.

Luther Vandross - The one who holds my heart


I couldn't imagine life without you....

Monday, July 2, 2007

July 21 Scott's Settlement House Come on out for Rib Fest Good time, Great food , music and fun, plus, books, skincare, beauty products everything you need to complete your summer.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Reaching Out To You!

I knew this was not your everyday feeling, you took my heart and I quivered from the touch. A twinge to my emotions and the whisper that haunts my soul... Oh my love, I say to you.... Oh my love, what I would do ...Oh my love, I am reaching out to you.
I knew that something special was happening, the impact of your love and mine. The energy took on a new form and I could see beyond the storms... Oh my love, I say to you...Oh my love what I would do..
Oh my love, I am reaching out to you.
I knew if my physical being would parish, that our love would live beyond the day. The bond that we made was not part of the game. Souls entwined are not to toy with the mind.... Oh my love, I say to you .. Oh my love what I would do.. Oh my love, I am reaching out to you.
I knew the mountains could hear and the secrets were not fear, that the world would celebrate that you and Ihad surely met our fate. Oh my love, I say to you...Oh my love what I would do...Oh my love, I reaching out to you.....

Friday, June 29, 2007

Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You

But I ain't got nothing if I don't got you...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On the road again....

Join us on July 21, 2007 from 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. for the 5th Annual RibFest at Mylan Park Osage West Virgina! There will be plenty of things for the family to enjoy! In the hills of west Virgina, that's where u can find me bringing you great skincare products and stop by and have a book signed. Rain or shine it looks to be a fun time.

If you can't make it out July 21st then check online at and for unique gift giving Ideas, we are here to make your shopping experience a comfortable and secure moment.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

June 23 & 24th 2007 Pow Wow

Rachel Charlotte Miller will be displaying her poetry and pictures and skincare products at the Woodland Zoo White Buffalo Gathering
Standing Stone Village in conjunction with the Woodland Zoo will be holding the Gathering on June 23 & 24, 2007 at the Zoo in Farmington, PA.
Come see ...

Residing at Woodland Zoo, Farmington, PA
and enjoy the activities of an American Indian powwow for the weekend of June 23 & 24, 2007.
Held at (Rain or Shine):
Woodland Zoo3400 National PikeFarmington, PA 15437724-329-8664
June 23: 10am - 8pm June 24: 10am - 5pm
Grand Entry at 12 Noon both days
Standing Stone Thunder Drum
Sweet Thunder w/Bear Thunder
Western PA Native American Association People's Drum
New Beginnings
Kevin Talking Crow
First Fruits Festival Weekend for all American Indians to participate in. Every American Indian is asked to bring a strawberry dish to share during Saturday’s Supper.

Directia 5 - Noaptea esti doar a mea

In the Night you belong to me!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

In your Arms

As the darkness created a soft blanket that illuminated with the end of the events of the day, I felt a peace and calm as my head touched the pillow. With my eyes closed , your voice brought a comfort that embraced all of my fears and desires, creating a net and allowing only love to remain close in heart as emotions mixed with little understanding sifted through. Your vision laying the foundation for my dreams, there I lay in the magical arms of heaven's sent peace.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Monday, June 4, 2007

My mind is battling my troubled heart,
it doesn't like the distance that keeps us apart.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

When I dream ...

Your always cast the lead.


When love is not enough and the sun fails to shine,
sadness brings loneliness,as I'm missing you inside.

When rainbows fail to find, there place up in the sky,
and silence accompanies the tears falling from my eyes.

When the day seems so long, and the clock slowly
tick toc's without song.Idle is the heart in great need
of a jump start.

When I no longer see the magic love can bring, I close
my eyes to restart the miracle of dreams. There in all
the darkness a siloutte you'll see...dancing to our memory.

Poetry In Dance

The release of love from the soul dances in the wind to the passion that tricks the mind to partnering with the heart to feel your Embrace.