Saturday, August 3, 2013

I have loved and been loved

As I looked back in kind of a review mode, I saw not only my experiences and accomplishments but lessons of life. I felt myself placed upon the clouds in a higher plateau that seem to be surreal and also the slide backward that reality can bring. I realize that it really is chapters of ones life. I have touched with my senses and explored worlds that had not even existed in my own mind. It was when I tried to retain in a rigid box all that is that missed the greatest lesson. No matter where our travels take us, no matter the end of the story, we have touched and been touched by many. In a odd way the past is just that and does not have the weight it once did. The future does not come with fear. I see that life is a gift and amazing and wonderful gift that without notice can be taken away. Therefore I will spend the rest of my days in celebration. I have loved, I have been loved...

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