Tuesday, April 7, 2015

and the page turns.

My father use to always say " No goodbyes, I'll be seeing ya" From that time on I have had a difficult time with goodbyes. Every person that crosses our path somehow becomes a part of us, as if our character was nothing more than a sponge. It wasn't so much with death as death was a closure but more it had to do with the way some people just walk out of your life. No goodbyes, no I'll be see'n ya , they just disappear as if that time never existed.

In all reality everyone puts a different spin on the chapters of life. I didn't realize how much interpretation altered the experience for each and everyone of us. I think that unknown that we succumb to is void when the path we walk is laden with truth. There are times in my life where I still don't completely comprehend the lesson. Are we to experience heartache, pain, as well as the love and peace? Maybe when all the chapters are said and done our place on this earth is over. For me it is like a massive headache , the more think the more my head hurts.

I have desperately tried to put all of life and the experiences into perspective to no avail. My guardian angel must have been working overtime.

Awakened a child of ten,
to see the world from within,
gazing out I could see
reality and a dream.

From there a child to a teen,
I stood before the world
and bared all that was
truly a part of me.

I cried down the aisle,
erasing all my hope
and leaving me with
a smile.

I was lost and lonely,
until I found you
and my life changed
forever and to the darkness
I said adieu.

You decided there would be
and end, without ever saying
goodbye my friend.

Now the pages of life turn,
but your vision inside me burns,
that is how it goes,
I know your love still grows.


I feel trapped in two webs,
of dreams of happiness and the pain of reality.
One letter would have changed my world
and the direction of the path.

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